Fuck social media

We can say it freely here. It’s our rules. No fucking Zuckerbot keeping a file on everything you do.

Right now you are in the process of getting fucked by the socials. I know it because you just came from there. But maybe you just didn't feel the pain yet, its a well lubed operation. Or did you?

You give socials your attention, you spend time there, you give them data, maybe even create content for them. Some of us even pay them to show our stuff to the crowd. And vice versa.

Sirens, Trolls, Elves, Content Pushers, Content Junkies, Bots & Cons. All stealing your attention, while you scroll around and waste the only limited resource you have. Time.

FIRST STEP in not getting fucked by the social media is to fuck them first. Make it worth a while.

Use social media to build your own contact list. A database of people who are interested in you. And you will gain a limitless direct access to communicate together. It is completely free. Businesses know why they want your email, you should smart up too.

SECOND STEP is going on a social detox when you have a large enough contact list. Only you decide how much is that.

You can start small, or do it instantly. Fuck that content trap. You can write to your best audience anytime you feel like it. Use their attention and permission only when you have something valuable. Your followers time is scarce too you know.

THIRD STEP is upgrading your email communication to the whole new level. Make email fucking great again.

Anything goes in the email. No censorship, no copyrights, no trolls and all that shit. Just a good old 1 on 1 communication. We are basicly good when we communicate this way. People are worse when in packs. See the comment section dump.


Join me on a quest to stick it to the big boys playing with our future. Gain the power back. Take control of your communication right now.

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